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What could have been

Statues of heroes

Zuko x Reader - Marry me

zuzu by @_lofix

L.! They make me look totally stiff and humorless. Actually I think that this actor is pretty spot on. utlrth‘ e Avatar and . , get some massages. '- ‘ - )

29 Hilarious Avatar: The Last Airbender Comics That Only True Fans Will Understand

Team Avatar💥Book 1-3

you don't understand. I AM OBSESSED

Picture memes V7fhhlQt6 — iFunny

[Nymre - Tumblr] Dragon dad Zuko.

Zuko’s Free Time

Picture memes FZxbxzx17: 4 comments — iFunny

Avatar: The Last Airbender Fan Art: The Last Airbender (Jin, Zuko, and Iroh)

what do they feed fire nation people...?

Imagine the sandal in Zuko's pocket in every episode in-between